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cropped-cropped-images-28.jpegHello, there. Welcome to the Poker Politico. I am Jason Bloom and since this is my publication, I will be writing about a long time passion and profession of mine, poker. First, some background information is necessary. I am a 35-year-old professional poker player of 10 years. I have played professionally in California, Nevada, Florida, and Belize, Central America. I am a cash game player, but I do occasionally play tournaments to mix it up a bit. My 2012 Player of the Year event tournament cashes included the World Series of Poker, Wynn Classic, and the Bellagio Five Diamond Classic. I also made the Final 16 in a 2013 WSOP bracelet event. Since 90% of my poker time is spent in cash games, a lot of my articles will focus on these. I will however give you my thoughts (and complaints) about the poker scene as a whole. Anyways, I hope my writings keep you interested at the very least.
We also aim to bring you the latest in legal online poker as it explodes across the USA again. Enjoy the Op-eds from guest writers while you absorb their view points.

I want to hear from the Poker Politico die-hard fans, so please comment on the articles. Welcome to the Poker Politico Nation.

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