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New Year’s Resolutions For The Poker Player

New Year’s Resolutions For The Poker Player


With 2015 now squarely in the rear view mirror, it is time to look ahead. How many New Year’s resolutions will we stay true to? How many of these grandiose ideas will make their way to the ‘goal graveyard’ of New Year’s past? Make this year different by taking the Poker Politico New Year challenge. These attainable goals will give you a great leg up on your competition and make you a more profitable player. If this does not work, at least you can rest easy knowing you still have 363 more days of your other resolutions, zero gluten and not losing your cool with that co-worker that annoys you…

1) Increase the thoughtfulness toward your game

Strive to be more quantitative and introspective towards your game. Make a conscious effort to study the traits of your opponents. Force yourself to take copious notes, both on your own hands and things that will help you classify others. Follow this up with extensive review of your own records. Observe profitability at different times, days, stakes, and poker rooms. Finally, force yourself to read at least one poker book this month. Remember, a thoughtful and studious player, is a winning player.

2) Put a lot of effort into table selection

Use the new year to double down on your efforts to choose the most profitable table. The table you play poker at is the single most important factor in determining the profitability of your session. An easy table usually makes for an easy session. A hard table can prove quite difficult and detrimental to your profitability, let alone your mental stamina. Frequent breaks involving studying and re-evaluating the other tables will allow you to stay in the most profitable spot possible.
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3) Check ego at the door

This resolution will be the hardest to stay true to. Ego is the number one killer of poker players, professional and amateur alike. Ego tricks us into believing we are entitled to win a pot or to be able to beat a certain ‘fish’. Chips easily fall through the cracks as we call bets that we know we should not call, and raise when we know we should not. Leave ego at the cage when you buy your chips.

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